Data Hive Tutorials and FAQs


SVCE is providing this tool for free.

Customer account electric and gas utility billing data and PDFs of prior monthly customer energy bills.


Yes, a customer may register as a "third party" through the Data Hive portal, and request to access data for their own account

SVCE has heard the call from customers and local businesses that they want more clean energy without the additional hassle and friction often associated with making new significant investments in clean energy projects. The SVCE Data Hive streamlines the process by providing instant, authorized and secure access to standardized energy data needed to provide a project quote. It is a service that empowers customer choice and supports local businesses.

Data Hive provides a streamlined customer authentication and third party registration process. Customers are not required to have PG&E web credentials or an account number handy. Additionally, third parties and customers are able to access a broad scope of useful utility usage and billing data that includes a break-out of the line item data, including SVCE's generation costs. The data are available in easy-to-transfer formats including CSV and an API portal hosted by UtilityAPI.

Yes. Click here for information on how to show/hide gas meter data.

Only SVCE customers can authorize third parties to access their data through the Data Hive.

There are two main differences. First, SVCE is paying for the costs of the program to offer this service for free for its customers. Second, customers do not have to have PG&E account credentials to authenticate and authorize third party access to their data. UtilityAPI's authentication process is secure, complies with all applicable customer security and data privacy regulations, and most of all is convenient.

Yes, customers that switch from PG&E to SVCE would need to reauthorize access to their data via Data Hive.

There is no limit on the number of meters that can be accessed per service account; however, each billing account must be individually authorized by the customer.

No, there is no limit on the number of accounts, and by extension, utility meters, that can be authorized by a given customer for data access through Data Hive.

It depends on the specific meter account structure for a given property. If each resident has a specified electric utility meter account, then each individual resident must authorize access to energy meter-account data. If the property is a “master” meter type property, then it may be possible to obtain the whole premise electric utility meter data through the property owner.

To register with the Data Hive, third parties must provide basic information about their company, include a description of how they will use customer utility data, and agree to the SVCE Third-Party Data Services Agreement and the UtilityAPI Data Services Agreement.

"Green Button" is a standard used to describe the process that UtilityAPI and SVCE Data Hive are using to guide the overall process to safely and securely authorize and transfer customer energy utility account data to a third party energy service or technology provider.